B&G Supply Company Profile

B&G Supply Co., Ltd. – The Company
B & G Co., Ltd. is a new company founded in 2007. It started off as a trading company in the heart of Thailand, Bangkok.  B&G assembled itself from an expert team from the laundry business with close customer contacts and engineering and manufacturing background with more then 14-year worldwide history and experience under the belt of everyone involved. The company started out as a pure trading company in 2007 but soon the need from local customers for a more service-orientated supplier caught the attention of B&G. This was the point the management decided to change the curse from pure trading to full fledge service and supply company. Today, B&G, is moving to become the ‘one stop shop’ for every laundry needs. B&G offers the customer Equipment, Service, Expertise, Engineering, Consulting, Financing and Leasing from the small OPL coin laundry and Launderettes up to the 50t/day and bigger industrial laundry. All this is achieved with a knowledge of more then a decade and simply “The finest laundry equipment” available on the world market.
B&G Supply Co., Ltd. – The Staff

It is our conviction that every company grows with its staff - therefore one of our missions is to provide proper training and suitable environment to motivate personal effort, incubate imagination, cultivate creativity and stimulate team spirit - hence allowing everyone to work efficiently and to grow together.

B&G Supply Co., Ltd – The Portfolio
B&G has continually diversified - this has been demonstrated by our resilience to market fluctuation. This resilience is maintained by a well balanced portfolio of products and market areas i.e. Germany, Switzerland, Italy, China, Thailand, and also by the proper segmentation of customers groups - government, public utilities and private enterprises. A broad range of activities:- design, research, product development, engineering contracting and equipment sales has enhanced our stability.  
B&G Co., Ltd. – The Goal

Supplying environmental friendly and energy efficient products has always been on our agenda - this differentiates B&G from many other establishments of similar business nature.

Further, B&G is dedicated not only to sell it’s products but give a full and extended after sales service by experts to its valued customers and partners. B&G is a major importer of laundry equipment and the products we selected represent the highest quality products with the best reputation worldwide especially from the USA and Europe. Our vision is to introduce “The finest laundry equipment” in terms of quality, return of investment (ROI), maintenance intervals and costs, innovation, design, energy efficiency and environmental issues to the Thai market.